Broken Wings

Broken Wings

Growing up in an Irish Catholic home I learned about God early on. One day I searched my whole world looking for God until I gained the awareness that God was within me. So at a very young age I learned that I am not alone and began a friendship with God.

Married at a young age I fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a mother. When my marriage began to fall apart only nine months after my second son was born I was devastated. During my divorce I prayed for the best choice for my sons. My prayer was clearly answered and I walked away with nothing to give my sons a better life.

Four years later that decision had consequences that horrified me. My young sons moved hours away with their dad. Broken and unable to face the pain, I prayed for death. I felt that because God lead me to this pain that God would fix it.  But I soon learned that death was not going to save me. God revealed to me that I was to live. This is where my fight to be happy began. I needed to find a positive focus if I were to survive and I knew I needed God’s strength to get me through.  I surrendered.

Please visit author Carol Round’s blog to read a poem I’ve authored that best describes  my feelings.

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