Soul Happiness

Do you have Soul happiness? My journey deep within has given me a soul sighting, hence the title of my book, Journey to my Soul.The day I saw my own soul changed me, especially in the way I see myself. I now understand that my body is truly a vessel for the spirit to use. I also understand that happiness elevates our vibration and makes us easier for the spirit to guide us.

The only words I can find to describe what I saw are; Divine light, feminine beauty, pure, unaltered love. When I look at myself now I see the divine light and beauty I have within and I no longer focus on what I used to perceive as my physical imperfections.

We are all perfectly connected to the unseen world but somehow our mind stays focused on our physical body which places limitations on what we perceive is possible. I have always known and believed I had a soul which is why I meditate. Meditation quiets my mind and gives me an awareness that I am not alone.

When you take into consideration that we are not bound only by material laws, we have the spiritual realm at our own will, life gets so much easier. We limit ourselves because we cannot see how something may work out when all we have to do is have faith and believe. Our sight is blocked because we limit ourselves to the physical world; Limiting beliefs. All is possible when you tune in and take directions from within. Who knows, you may even have your own soul sighting. Here is to your own Soul happiness.

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