Can You Imagine Heaven?

Can you imagine heaven? What exactly is paradise? Imagination is a powerful tool, and a tool most adults leave behind. Why? Because we worry too much; do you know that ‘worry’ is a misuse of your imagination? Worry is a negative and takes away from your life.

In my mind I see magic and miracles everywhere. My amazement of life astounds me and raises the eyebrows of others. I work with a gentleman that does not believe in the magical world I continuously speak of. He is a positive fellow and enjoys my enthusiasm but insists that there is no magic in life. A few days ago I asked him a simple question, “When is your customer who totaled his car going to take delivery?” He looked puzzled. What customer? I said, “The doctor I met the other night.” He responded, “OMG I forgot to mark that car sold. Good thing you mentioned that. Someone else could have sold that car!” I looked at him and replied, “This is what I see as magic. Why did I ask you that question? My spirit guided me at that particular moment to ask.” He could not deny my timing was perfect.

My imagination allows me to envision heaven, here now. This world of ours is abundant and filled with joy when you choose to be happy. We all are at different levels of happiness but we can inspire each other and lift one another to new heights. Heaven in our imagination is perfection, far different from what we experience on Earth today, unless you understand the new definition of perfect; ‘just the way it is’.

What we look for in life affects what we see. If you look for heaven you just might find it if you can feel the peace within you, and let go of the limiting beliefs of the human mind. Positive thoughts create positive results, and just imagine what can happen if everyone decides to Imagine Heaven.  The headlines will read: Paradise Found In your Backyard.  Can you Imagine Heaven?




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