Is Gratitude the Main Ingredient for a Happy Life?

88Is gratitude the main ingredient for a happy life? Indeed it is. The recipe for a happy life calls for gratitude. Gratitude is the staple everyone needs to gain happiness. Ingredients for happiness vary from person to person but the one common basic necessity for all is gratitude. When one lives in a state of gratitude happiness flows.

Many people who have painful circumstances in their past or present lives cannot conceive of living in a state of gratitude but if they only realized that gratitude paves the way to move out from the pain!  Only gratitude can change our view. If you are in a difficult or even hopeless situation and can find nothing to be grateful for focus on being grateful for the air you breathe. Sit, breathe, and begin to heal. Even a small moment of gratitude can begin the process.

When we focus on things to be grateful for we find more things to be grateful for but when we can become grateful for all in our life, even for the painful circumstances, our life trajectory changes. Remember, pain helps us grow. Gratitude is the substance from which all positive emotion grows. Become truly grateful for your pain and watch what happens.

This is no easy task but from my own experience I know that gratitude helped me live through years of devastating emotional pain and when I was able to become grateful for that pain twenty-five years later, everything changed for the better and my happiness level went  over the top.


Gratitude is the life boat that saved me and I know gratitude can save you, too. Allow gratitude to swell up inside you and push out the negative feelings. Your happiness is in your control and if you choose to have a happy life then allow gratitude to show you the way out. You can discover the answer to the question; “Is gratitude the main ingredient to a happy life?”


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2 Responses to Is Gratitude the Main Ingredient for a Happy Life?

  1. says:

    Boy, have you hit the nail on the head, Terri. So many times in my life I have been able to instantly “flip the switch” of my emotions by changing my perspective and seeing through the lens of gratitude. It’s really nice to be reminded of our ability to do this. Oh, but I do forget. I get caught up in regrets of yesterday and worries of tomorrow frequently, even though I have the tools in my kit to not go there. I believe this is one of the biggest reasons we have each other in this world, to remind each other when we forget. I guess forgetting must be part of this whole mysterious process, too…or it wouldn’t be happening, right?…until we once again rest in the arms of gratitude.

    Thank you for your energy, your wisdom and your love, Terri.

    Lisa McCormack

    • Terri Lynn says:

      Lisa, thank you for taking the time to comment. We do need each other in this life and that is what makes this mysterious process so grand. I also ‘forget’ at times but the wonderful thing is as I get older the faster I remember what I need to do to get back on track and I’ve learned that gratitude is the best place to start to feel good. Thank you for your kind words.

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