The Heart and Soul of Happiness

What is the heart and soul of happiness? According to many experts it is believed that the Soul attaches to the body by way of the heart. The heart is the first organ of the body to develop and when the heart stops beating the Soul departs the body and causes death. So all makes perfect scientific sense.

Heart based living is a concept developed by the Heartmath Institute that appears to be a less stressful and more creative way of living. According to studies there the heart actually has it’s own brain system and for centuries many cultures have understood that the heart has the connection to a greater intelligence. The heart is where our intuition emerges but is often over taken by our chattering mind.

True Divine Guidance comes from the heart. In order to get to coherent living, as the Heartmath Institute labels this state of being, we must learn how to quiet our mind and allow the feeling of our heart to come through. Life in this state is a more creative, healthier state of being. In this state your heat rate actually changes as does the entire vibration you generate which affects the world around you.

Science has proven that everything is connected and the energy we each produce affects not only us and those around us but the whole Universe. When our heart, mind and body are all in sync our vibration is in harmony and puts out that energy into the world around us. In our hearts we all want to live in peace but if peace on earth depends on how you feel internally, would there be peace on earth?

Coherent living takes practice and the Heartmath Institute has exercises to help you achieve just that. They even developed an app for your phone. So please take some time to check this out. The more people we can get to live in a coherent state the easier it will be to achieve peace in our world. I sure hope you will take a few moments to investigate the heart and soul of happiness.

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    Beautiful article, Terri. I appreciate the reminders that come through amazing people like you. Life may not always provide us the experiences that we want, but it helps to know how to not get stuck in the ones that are more challenging or even painful. There always is a brighter side, isn’t there? If we use our hearts to first see it, then we can experience it.

    With gratitude,

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