Akashic Happiness

So what do I mean by Akashic Happiness? My first experience with an Akashic reading was with Sue Krebs. Sue attracted me with her Facebook page Soul Speaking: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Think-Happy#!/SoulSpeaking . As a matter of fact I did not even know what an Akashic reading was until I found Sue’s page. What an amazing experience.

Over the phone Sue and I connected and let me tell you, we connected. At one point I had a thought and then she said the word in my mind. What came across truly shocked me. Sue told me she felt a heaviness that was very apparent from the onset of our conversation. “What is going on with you?” she asked.

This question shocked me because until that moment I had not felt the heaviness. What is going on with me? I am a happiness expert! We concluded I need to have more fun. I have been working double duty at my job as a BMW Sales Manager plus working several hours a day on my writing career along with all the ‘have to’ things that keep me going. For the past year I have left out most of my social life.

Right after our conversation I took a nice long walk in one of my favorite places nearby. I shook the heaviness and connected with nature on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Then I went shopping just for me. By the end of the day I was feeling much more centered and at peace. Also, ever since the reading my spiritual connetion has been strengthened and I am more aware of my soul in my consciousness.

The next day when I went to work the heaviness came back. This time I noticed it right away and I realized what had caused the feeling inside of me. There was a big change taking place at work which affected the people I work with. This change was unwelcomed and drastically affects the way we do business. I have been dreading all the emotional havoc that this change brings.

Now that I have the understanding of what is going on I gain the power to change my feelings. This is no easy task on my eleven hour long Monday workday but I begin to have the thought not to take this behavior personally. This is a change and the team will adapt. This is not about me. By holding that point of view the heaviness began to fade.

During our conversation Sue suggested I ask the faries for help finding  some fun in everything, which I did. When I went for my hair appointment yesterday I told my hairdresser I needed a new product for my hair  because I am tired of what I have been using. He immediately suggested a product by Onesta called ‘PlayPaste.’ Immediately I laughed to myself and thought that the faries must have something to do with that choice…oh, yeah! Playtime! It is a fun thought and I continue to look for the fun in my life. What you look for in life affects what you see and right now I am looking for fun.

You can contact Sue at Sue@soulspeaking.net to schedule your own Akashic Reading. Thanks Sue, for a delightful reading and for helpng me find my Akashic Happiness.

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