Happiness Trumps All

Here is an example in my life of  just how happiness trumps all. Just three weeks ago I wrote about the devastation of losing my job.  I had been working less than two years after two years of unemployment. This was not a welcomed change in my life by any means. I loved my job!

If you read my last blog “Remain Happy in Troubled times” you will see the process I went through. I must say I am proud of myself for not falling to pieces but I trusted my inner guidance and all that I talk about. I got myself to a place of gratitude fast. I worked through the emotions and actually welcomed the challenge. I also began to journal 10 things each day that I was grateful for (including losing my job.)

My journal began each day with, “I am so grateful I lost my job because of the new opportunities it brings.” In less than a week I landed the job of my life so far. I received an offer to become a recruiter and sales trainer for a large automotive group in my area. This is beyond perfect for me! This is all the things I loved about my last job and none of the negatives.

This all happened within a two week timeframe and I am still catching up. Today was day two on the job and I am more excited than before. This is my third new job in two years time. I am learning another new computer system, meeting new people, creating a new role for myself and I just love it.

The statistics show that starting a new job rates high on the stress meter but all I can tell you is that I am not stressed but excited for the new people I get to know. People are the flowers in the garden of life and all I know is that I have much variety in my garden. Leaving the people from my last assignment is difficult. We worked together closely and I will miss them but creating new work relationships is always fun and interesting to me.

So, I am counting my blessings and say, “Thank you!” to the ones that let me go and “Thank you!” to the ones that took me on. I have no doubt that my concentration on being happy and grateful  attracted me to the perfect position. So my message to you is this: Happiness Trumps All.



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