Is Happiness Really Important?

A happy heart is magicalThe question is: Is happiness really important? To start: Happiness breeds success. Most people think that success gives us happiness but it truly is the other way around. But how can you be happy in a world with so many stresses and upsets? The answer is simple: You choose to be. Your happiness is in your hands…or should I say in your mind. Every feeling and emotion we have starts in our mind. To pump in happy thoughts has its rewards.

We all live in the same world so why are some people happy and others struggle to be happy? A big piece of the puzzle is gratitude. Gratitude breeds happiness and happiness breeds success. We all live in the same container we call the universe but we focus on different elements. If you look for hate and things to be fearful of you can find them but when you focus on the positive and find things to be grateful for you can find them also and doing so changes your whole vibration. Part of our happiness level is genetic but more than 50% is in our own control. Beauty surrounds us

To raise your happiness level does take work but in my own life I have witnessed the rewards and all I can tell you is that it is worth the effort. What are you willing to do to raise your happiness level?

Eating healthy is good place to start. Healthy and happy go hand in hand. Writing daily in a gratitude journal or just a few statements of what you are grateful for helps you put your mind in the right direction. Keep a focus on all the good in the world and find gratitude. When I am feeling low I concentrate on my breathing and become grateful for the air I breathe. This brings me right into a good vibrational state.

happiness magicOn this website I have a ten minute exercise that if done on a regular basis will help your happiness level. All you need to do is register and verify the link and I will email it to you. If you are already registered all you need to do is log in and look for the page tab “Ten Minutes to a happier you.”  Sending happy thoughts your way and hope you find your own happiness. This only scratches the surface of: Is happiness really important.

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