Happiness After I Wrote: Journey to my Soul

img018Is there happiness for me after I wrote “Journey to my Soul?” At the time I published my first book I had been out if work for 22 months…a very long time. One of the most difficult things I encountered in the process was letting the project go, saying, “finished!” But the very day I sent the copy off for publishing I received a call with a job offer. Miracle? Or is this just a test?

My new position placed me as a manager in a busy Nissan center about 45 minutes away. After a few weeks on the job I felt as if God and the universe were testing me. I just wrote a book about happiness and now I am thrown into conditions that pushed me to the limit. Within the first week my lower back began to ache. The hours I put in were relentless. Most days I’d leave home at 7:30 am and I’d get home around 10:30 pm and sometimes even later. I’d get up at 5 am so I could get in the basic things that help me maintain my happiness level such as an hour meditation, 30 minutes of exercise, and a few minutes to read something positive.

To top it all off the day was filled with the feeling of always trying to catch up because we positive thoughtdid not have enough employees to get all the work done. There were always more calls to make, emails to answer, and internet leads to respond to. Bottom line: I never worked so hard, made so little, and felt so dissatisfied. “How do I remain happy feeling like this?”

My back kept getting worse. After a few months my chiropractor was concerned because I was not responding as usual. I’ve never had such pain without having been injured. But I put all the things I know into action. I accepted that I attracted this into my life and that I could change it. I went to a nutritionist to make sure all the supplements I was taking were right for me. He did some muscle testing and discovered I had a parasite that was causing my back issues. He treated me holistically and within a few weeks my pain lessoned.

Next, I ordered a book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. I bought this book because her books “The Secret” and “The Power” are books I can just open to any page, read a few paragraphs, and get a positive message. This is about all I had time for, a few paragraphs at a time. Well, when the book arrived I saw it was a whole 30 day gratitude program. You need to read one chapter a day and do the exercise. If you missed a day you were supposed to start over.

soul permissionI knew I did not have time to do this each day so I committed myself to doing what I could and if I did not have time to complete the next chapter I would repeat the previous day’s exercise until I had the time to move on. The first step was to be grateful for the job I had. This was difficult at first but there is always something to find to be grateful for. I began focusing on the people I worked with. I became truly grateful.

By the time I reached the ninth exercise I received a call form the owner of a BMW center where I had interviewed previously. This was my ideal position but I had been beat by another candidate. The owner told me he made a mistake by not hiring me and asked if I was still interested. Magic? It is in my mind.

My point is that happiness is not always delight and laughter. Acceptance is the key to a happy life along with taking responsibility for your circumstances. Looking back I am grateful and proud of the way I put my own advice to work. Aaha! I passed the test and discovered happiness after I wrote “Journey to my Soul.”



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