Where Do I Go From Here?

woman-570883_640Do you ever find yourself wondering; “Where do I go from here?” That is the exact question I am asking myself now. I know from experience that when I ask  questions the answers will come.

For some time now I feel like I am coasting and do not feel driven to get to a goal. Mind you, I work everyday at something I love, hiring and training sales people for a large automotive group in the Philadelphia, MMCO Auto, that includes Audi Conshohocken, Porsche Conshohocken, Audi Wynnewood, Audi Reading, Volkswagen of Reading, and three large Warehouses where we sell used cars. This is a huge responsibility that I take quite seriously. Plus, I write and promote my work on my off hours. I am a busy woman!

That being said, in life there is no finish line! So where do I wish to go from here? That imagine anythingis the answer I find myself searching for. The fun part is that I put my imagination to work thinking of all the possibilities. Where can this road take me? That answer is simple: wherever I wish to go! How awesome is this life we live?

Do you ever hit these crossroads? I am sure we all do at times. I am grateful this question came to me because I am certain the answer will come to me soon. This I know for sure. Once I know the destination all I need to do is follow the directions from the Divine Navigation system that we all have within and just do the very best with whatever is in front of me. I hope you have discovered how to use your Divine navigation.

hot_air_balloon_above_the_ocean-t2Life can be challenging at times but isn’t that what makes it fun and interesting? I am excited about my future! So until the answer comes to me I am just going to relax and enjoy what is. One lesson in life that I have learned is that happiness takes you wherever you want to go faster. So I remain in a happy state as I ask myself the question, “Where do I go from here?”

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