What To Do When Life delivers, “What the F***?!!??”

101What can you do when life delivers, “What the F***? The power of happiness in our life is undeniable, to say the  least, but what happens when things appear to be so bad that you feel inclined to take a dive into the pool of depression that is always lurking?

Currently, my son is living through a totally awful, hurtful, preposterous situation. For all you parents out there you understand that no matter how old your children get, when they hurt, you hurt. So, I am hurting deeply at this time. I feel the pain my son has to endure and it makes me so sad that he has to deal with the circumstances that someone else has caused him to suffer.

From my own experience I know and understand that what does not kill you makes you 25stronger but I also understand the time it takes to see those results and my heart weighs heavy for my son’s pain. There is nothing I can say or do that can help him in this situation and he knows he has my support in whatever action he decides to take. What can one do when there are no good choices?

think yourself happyAs a mother and a happiness expert I know I need to take care of myself and maintain as high a level of happiness in my own life as possible. Feeling sad and depressed is not one bit helpful to my son and very detrimental to my own life. This I know for sure.

In reality, however, remaining happy is difficult to implement. With a firm commitment to be happy and at peace I walk into the day and  focus on all the blessings that surround me.88 I pray for my son and his situation and then change focus. I focus on all I have to be grateful for. This changes my energy immediately. We are each responsible for the energy we bring. When we focus on the right things our life goes in the right direction.

My biggest gift in life are my two sons and I remind myself that this situation will not last forever. I am so grateful for the love we share and the support we have for each other. So life threw us a curve ball and things do not look that great at the moment but I am keeping my eye on all the good in our life and am grateful that this situation will only make our bond as a family stronger.

4With true peace in my heart I move forward because I know that when you feel good, good things happen! I am working on feeling as good as I possibly can and trust the situation will work out to the best possible outcome there can be. These are the things I know to do when life delivers, “What the F***?!??”



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