11 Ways Animals Improve Your Quality of Life

This week features a guest blogger: Emily Parker

Happiness can be hard enough to achieve for everyday people like you and me, which is why it’s so important we focus on happiness as a main goal in our day to day lives. So can you imagine how hard it is to find and maintain happiness as a patient in
a hospital setting?

Finding joy when you’re sick, infirm, injured, or mentally unwell is a monumental task.So when I hear about something that has actually been proven to increase happiness and boost the mood of people who are suffering, I get really excited!

And that’s exactly what’s happening with Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).

Patients across a variety of settings are experiencing improved quality of life, less pain, and more happiness just by interacting with therapy animals, like dogs, cats, and birds.From autistic children to lonely seniors, from heart surgery patients to family members in the waiting rooms, animals have been proven to lower suffering and make lives better.

I’m so passionate about helping more people learn more about this great treatment that I turned my research into an infographic! You can find out more about each point on our original blog post here at < Catological.com but below you’ll find some of the ways Animal Assisted Therapy can help improve lives and happiness!


11 Ways Cats, Dogs, and Our Other Animal-Assisted Therapy Friends Reduce Pain And Improve Our Quality Of Life

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