Happiness is in Your Hands

How is happiness in your hands? What is happiness? What does happiness mean to you? According to Webster’s dictionary the meaning of happiness is a state of well-being and contentment. To me, happiness doesn’t mean laughing and having fun all the time, although laughter can certainly elevate your state of happiness and is highly recommended. Happiness is really being OK with what is, acceptance, being in peace.

Science has proven that we are born at different levels of happiness, but we can control our level, up or down the scale, by our thoughts and actions. Smiling for instance creates a chemical reaction in the brain that enhances our sense of happiness. Our thoughts are the seeds of energy that create our world. The thoughts we think in turn emerge in our feelings, and our feelings are the language  between ourselves and the energy around us.

As Norman Vincent Peale said,”Change your thoughts and you change your world.” So why are so many people scattered, unhappy, depressed, and searching for something in order to be happy? Happiness is right here now when you look for it.

Having worked diligently to change my thoughts over the years, I know that first step was to become aware of what I was thinking, and then to decide what my new thoughts should be. Becoming aware of my thoughts made all the difference and is how I learned to think happy and became happy. Every thought is a seed.

My intention is to start a conversation about happiness and spread the seeds of happiness around. The more focus on the topic the more energy to expand it. Happiness is contagious and I plan to infest the world but I need your help! My energy alone is not enough.

Rise above the negative

There is so much negativity in the world, and the best defense against the negativity is to fill up with positives thoughts and feelings. The positive energy is stronger than the negative energy so if you put enough positives in, you become shielded against the negativity around you.

It’s easy to go down the spiral of negative thoughts when unaware. Being aware of my thoughts has given me the power to control how I feel. Feeling good feels better to me than feeling bad, so I choose happy thoughts!

So, what do you choose? What makes you feel good? Do you have a story to share about changing your thoughts? What gives you joy? Are you aware that your happiness is in your hands?


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