The Video: Think Happy, Be Happy!

7There is a funny story about the YouTube video on this site. The video came about as part of a contest that I entered a year or so ago. The contest rules for the video were: 1. Needs to be five minutes long 2. Must get message stated in the first thirty seconds 3. Must tell a story 4. Claim yourself to be an expert  5. Give the audience a challenge. It is the first obstacle that has given the thought, maybe I should choose another path.

So for weeks I work on choosing the words and get the timing right. My friend who shot the video suggests I use my small camera and practice making the video myself. After about ten trial runs on my camera, I am  horrified with the result, and I am ready to quit. Then I take a few days off to collect myself  and get right back in the game. I tell myself, “I can do this”. So practice, practice, practice, and more practice it is. Finally, I feel ready.

Production day arrives and I have everything set up for my friend, the videographer. 40Furniture is moved, the flowers are set, hair and make-up done…ready. My friend takes one look through her camera lens and said, “No. The lighting is not good here.” She searches the house and finds the perfect spot. After we move the props to the new location, the shoot is ready to begin.

My friend gets some still shots to make sure the setting and lighting are right. She takes some pictures off the wall, moves the flowers around, adjusts the camera lens, and we are ready. The camera light goes on and she gives me a nod. As I begin speaking, maybe fifteen to twenty seconds in, she stops the camera and tells me,I am speaking too fast. She advices me to speak slowly and not to use many arm gestures or I may appear frantic.

Now I begin to panic. All the words that I practiced so diligently would not all fit if I slow down, the timing was perfect the way I had it. Now what? What do I cut? How can this be happening? It is difficult for me to breathe but with my friends professional coaching, I make it through. It was a difficult few hours for both of us and I am so relieved when we finish. My friend who worked the camera did not show it, but she was glad to be done with this task also. The end result was so much better than I could have imagined, and my friend made me look fantastic.

green_maze-t2The story does not end there. The video is then placed on YouTube. As people I know view it, I ask for feedback. My niece views the video, makes a scrunchy face, and proceeds to tell me that, “It gets better towards the end.” Well that is not really good because the first thirty seconds are the most important. Then someone else views it and says, “Terri, I worked with you and your energy is not coming across. You need to do it over.” With that thought I panic. No way can I do it again. “You don’t understand how good this video really is, it had the potential of being so much worse.” I reply. She repeated, “Do it again.”

On the phone with my friend, I explain that maybe we should do the video again. With dead silence on the line I can feel her pain. It was anguish for both of us the day we did the video. But we shoot the video again. The second time the lighting is not as good as the first shoot, and I wear a different outfit. The energy comes across much better but I looked ‘normal.’ Had I not seen how good I looked in the first video it would have been a ‘take’, but we need to do it again.

So the third time is the charm. Wearing the first outfit at my friend’s suggestion, all went2011-03-25.Terri.19IMG_8322 well. Then my friend tells me to put on the other outfit and we’ll do it again. Knowing that the last ‘take’ was good, I must have totally relaxed and let go because the fourth video is what you see on the website and out shines the others by far.

Thanks to my friend for her patience!  My happy thought to share with you is the thought that carried me through this obstacle: You can do it.


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