How Is It Possible To Shift Into Happiness?

 How is it possible to shift into happiness? Yes!This is an area where I have become an expert. What you look for in life definitely affects what you see. Are you conscious of what you look for in your day? Are you conscious of your thoughts? My mother taught me a great lesson as a child and I learned to look for all the things that make me happy in my day, and not to focus on what is missing. The lesson my mother taught me as a child, to be optimistic, has shaped my life. Thanks, Mom. Miss you!

The decision I made to be happy as a child trained me to look for all the things in my day that bring me happiness and joy. This does not mean that everything in my life is smooth sailing, far from it, but there is always something in my day to put a smile on my face when I look for something to be happy about.

Often, at the end of a hectic or hard day, I reflect on all the positive happenings, no matter how few, because it makes me feel better. I am not saying to avoid looking at a situation that can be improved upon or changed within, I am saying that when all the work is done, and I’ve taken responsibility for my actions, I make an action plan to change what I am able to change, I then reflect on something positive to make the shift into happiness. To be in a happy state feels so good, and as I often say, “When you feel good, good things happen.”

Happiness is here now for all of us if we choose to own it. All we need to do is decide to be happy and make the shift. The world around us holds all that is, and if we look for lack, we find lack, but if you look for happiness,  happiness you will find. A conscious decision to be happy creates the experience of being happy. Your happiness is your choice. That is why I say to you that it is possible to Shift into happiness.”

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