Do You Choose Happiness?

Do you choose Happiness? Happiness is your choice. Many times we are unaware of just how our thoughts create the world we live in, and we do not pay close enough attention to what we think. Do your thoughts serve you? Do your thoughts generate the feelings you desire? Only you have the power to decide how you feel. So, what do you do on a daily basis to ‘Think happy?’

One of the many habits I have formed to help me think happy is: each morning I choose one thought to be my theme for the day. I concentrate on the daily theme throughout the day. For instance, today’s theme is vision. I am so happy and grateful I have the vision in my mind of success. I see myself expanding happiness in the world. I’ve planted the seeds of happiness, and am  now watching them grow. This makes me feel wonderful.

Yesterday had a different theme, but each day I choose one happy thought and focus on



that thought. What do you do to help yourself keep a happy focus? Please share you thoughts with us because you may just have the one thought that helps someone out of a rut. We all need to help each other.  Thanks, and remember, HAPPINESS is your choice.


















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