How Do You Measure Your Happiness?

How do you measure your happiness? Funny how life happens. The very day I sent my book off to be published the door to a job opened after twenty-two months of unemployment. Talk about Divine Navigation. The car business is not exactly my first choice for employment, mainly due to the long, long hours, but back to automotive sales management I go. My trust in the way life works gives me the acceptance I need to make the adjustment without resistance. This is no easy task. I leave my house at 7:30am and return home between 9:30pm – 11:00pm Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I get a break and leave home at 1pm and return home between 9:30pm – 11:00pm… you get the picture? Long, long hours and never two days off in a row. I do get Sunday off with a day off during the week, unless it is the end of the month or we have training.

The up- side is: I love the job when I am there. The down-side is: The challenge to keep up  all the things I need to do to keep my happiness level at a peak. I am determined to meditate an hour a day, get at least thirty minutes of aerobis exercise a day, hopefully more, eat healthy, and keep a positive attitude during this time of change. The long hours are a real challenge but so far, after three months, I have been able to maintain my high level of happiness.

In the car business we often ask the question, “On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate this vehicle?” The truth is: If the car is not a “10” we need to discover what will make it a “10.” We know that if we do not have the right car for the customer we will not make the sale. So I put this question to many people about their ” Happiness Level. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you?” What is your answer? Before I continue, please answer this for yourself. Then, if your answer is not a “10,” the question becomes, “What will make your happiness level a “10”?” Go ahead and answer this question. What will it take for your happiness level to reach the top?

From all the people I asked this question not one gave me the answer of “10.” The average funny_birds-t2number answered was level “6.” When I asked the question, “What will make your happiness level a 10?” all but one person answered with something that was a material thing outside of themselves. I heard from a few people I work with, “When we reach our goal this month.” Another, “When my wife gets a job.” Someone else, “When I hit the lottery!” These answers just sadden me because they all refer to a material item outside of the personal realm. Only one person out of about twenty said, “I am not sure. I know it is not winning the lottery! Even though I am not rich, I know that money will not make me happy. I honestly don’t know.”

The truth is: We are three part “beings.” Mind, body, and soul. To reach a “10” happiness level we need to feed all three. We all know what happens to the body if we stop feeding it. After time, the body becomes weak and dies. What about the mind? How do you feed your mind? Reading is the best source as long as you are feeding your mind by reading positive messages. The news is not positive by any means! Feed your brain with positive input to capitalize on your happiness.

hot_air_balloon_above_the_ocean-t2What about your spirit? What have you done to elevate and feed your spirit? Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you even acknowledge your own spirit? I am not talking religion, I am talking about you. What is the power within you? Who are you? Only when you feed all three parts of yourself can you actually be at the highest level of happiness. Your happiness is your responsibility! Do not rely on anything outside of you for your own happiness. Be happy, now!

With the Law of Attraction  we are magnets and the best you can do is to FEEL GOOD. Feeling good is the best any of us can do to manifest our dreams. We are creative beings and we are creating our life consciously or unconsciously. To be at your peak potential happiness takes a conscious effort. What you think, what you eat, and what you do all have a huge impact on how you feel. The #1 goal for all of us on planet Earth should be to “FEEL GOOD.” That is our purpose. This is what we were created for…to FEEL GOOD!

In my opinion: HAPPINESS is underrated. When you make HAPPINESS a priority…everything in life FEELS GOOD! What are you willing to do to reach your peak happiness level? How do you measure your happiness?

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