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What You Think Matters

How do you view the world? Are you a
glass half full type of person or do you subscribe to the glass half empty
theory?? How we view the world really does impact our lives. One friend of mine
has the opinion that if she empties her glass at the end of each day, she will
get more in her glass the next day; another friend tells me once that her glass
is so full that it spills over the top!

So which philosophy will bring more happiness to you? How does your belief system serve you? The creative power ofthe mind is beyond what we can even imagine, and most of us aren’t even awareof what we are thinking. How crazy is that? What you think matters.

Every thought is a seed, a spark of creative energy. One brief thought does not carry much power; however, the same thought over and over produces results, even if we are not aware of what we are creating. This is why it is important how you view the world, what you think, and especially what you believe. Are you happy? On a scale of one to ten, where
do you fit? What do you do to increase your level of happiness? Do you believe
you are able to control your own happiness?

There is an old saying that “ignorance is bliss,” that to be happy means to be stupid or unaware, but studies have shown just the opposite. Happy people make better employees, are more resilient, have a broader scope when faced with problem solving, possess a
better immune system, bounce back faster, and the list goes on. So why are more
people not focused on being happier?

We each hold the power to happiness in our own hands. Daily circumstances may vary the degree at times, but the strongest control lies within us. We are all different and what makes me happy may not be the formula for you. Only you have the power to increase your own level of happiness.

Faith gives me much happiness. Believing in a power outside of myself helps me see that all things are possible when I let go of the control. My life gives witness to the power of
God and the way happiness can develop from a conscious decision to be happy,
even in the midst of hell. Faith is a huge piece of my happiness.

Gratitude multiplies happiness more than anything. Appreciation can only add value; just like math, positives add and negatives subtract. Setting goals gives us focus, but being happy and grateful takes us wherever we want to go in life faster. Being grateful makes
you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen. Making a gratitude
list is a great way to increase happiness over time. A gratitude journal works wonders
for me. Once a month, once a week, once a day, whatever effort that is put in
is a plus. The more focus put on the good things the better life feels, and
gratitude breeds happiness. It takes discipline and training to change old
patterns, but it is well worth it. Once the effort is made to get to the top
level of happiness, it is much easier to maintain.

To reach my top level of happiness I meditate, exercise, follow a healthy diet, and get sufficient sleep.  Meditating decreases stress, improves health, and helps me to become more aware of my thoughts. Meditation is definitely a catalyst that transforms my life into the life of my dreams. Good diet and exercise make a body healthy. Healthier is happier, for sure. Getting adequate sleep goes without saying. So how many things do you do to boost your own happiness? What are you willing to do?

When happiness comes first, everything in life is enhanced – everything!
But so many people don’t make the time to enhance their own happiness. Many
folks are just stuck, putting all their efforts into getting by when they could
be enjoying so much more. Are you stuck?

Many people I know are just focused on all the negatives, stuck in anger, bitterness, resentment, or being a victim. Whatever negatives you may be holding on to, please for your own sake, let them go. Even if the anger is directed at someone else, that anger only
takes away from the person holding it. Here’s an example:

Sitting at my desk one afternoon a young gentleman enters my office. He
works part-time answering phones at the BMW center where I am the Sales
Manager. He hands me a little piece of paper from his fortune cookie he ate for
lunch that reads, “Focus on the positive and you will flourish.” He says to me,
“This reminded me of you.”

His thoughtfulness really put a smile on my face. When he started working
at the dealership, he was so negative and down about life. His father, who had
the same name as he, took his social security number and ruined his credit
before he was eighteen years of age. This young man was so bitter and angry
about this betrayal. He barely knew his father and just had hate spewing out of
him about how his life is ruined. The anger shows in his demeanor.

He is a very smart, nice, polite young man. He believes there was no hope
for his future. He is all doom and gloom. Every day I talk to him a little to
try to shine some light and get him to see a brighter picture. Months pass and
I get nowhere; he was certain his life will suck forever! Finally, one day as
he is ranting on about how it really doesn’t matter what he does, his future is
ruined, blah, blah, blah. I get so angry and say in a forceful manner, “What if
you get to the end of your life and you realize you were wrong? What then? It
will be too late! Isn’t it better to think of all the possibilities that may be
ahead then to doom yourself before you get started? What if you are WRONG? What
if you are WRONG! I say again. Use your imagination to think of something good
that might happen!” and with that being said, I walk off.

Something happened that day. My anger got to him. I see it as a true
miracle. His whole personality changed. A door opened that allows him to see
the possibility of a great future. He realized that the horrible situation he
was living with would pass one day. He also awoke to the fact that his anger
was hurting him, not his father. Once this young gentleman let go of his anger,
his whole expression changed. Everyone could see the difference in him immediately.
His whole attitude shifted to the positive side. He became more alive and
focused on his future. He began filing for grants and scholarships, and sure
enough, he got what he needed. He became so grateful to me for helping him see
the possibilities, and he made sure everyone knew how I was the one that helped
him make the shift.

Even after he stopped working with me, he occasionally popped in to get a
pep talk or to let me know how he was doing. So, on that particular day when he
gave me his fortune cookie message, it made me feel good knowing that I made a
difference in his life. It is also one of those messages that the universe
sends out all the time, and I call these messages, Godsends.

The positive message from that fortune cookie is a good daily reminder for me to keep a positive focus. I tape the message right on my computer keyboard. Life on the job is pretty hectic,and that little message I see every day makes me feel good. Over the next
several years that fortune cookie message gives me a positive focus whenever I
need it. And believe me when I say, “I need it often.”

That incident occurred a few years ago. In the end, the young man that awakened to new possibilities, and delivered the fortune cookie message to me, ended up giving me as much, if not more, than I had given him. You get back what you give…and often times more.


During my morning prayers I usually pray to different saints and angels for specific people on my prayer list. On that particular day I pray to God, and my usual angels and saints, only this time I pray just one prayer, “Thank you for helping me to let go and let God.”  My prayer is only to be able to let go. As I move forward with my usual day, I exercise and then check for any job news on the computer. I instantly notice an email from someone from whom I’ve never received an email before. It’s Hale Dwoskin, and he is selling a DVD entitled, “Letting Go.” I get goose bumps immediately and have to walk away from the computer.

It shakes me to the core. First crying and then laughing about how instantly and tangible my prayer has been answered, I hastily grab my wallet to purchase this DVD that mystically showed up in my email on this particular day. Normally, when purchasing a DVD on-line it takes up to a week for it to arrive in the mail. On this day, once I pay, I am able to watch it immediately by downloading it to my computer. After watching the instructional DVD I am able to let go and release my anxiety. It is a true miracle to me. The miracle that takes place this day is only part of the miracle from my prayer to ‘let go and let God.’ The other part of this miracle takes a few more weeks to manifest in my life.



I think of positive thoughts like helium in a balloon. When enough helium goes into the balloon, the balloon begins to lift, and once the balloon stretches it is easier to expand. The same principle applies regarding positive thoughts and feelings. With enough positivity inside us, our spirit lifts and we rise. After entering this higher plane it’s easier to keep afloat. All that’s needed is a little force and focus to get started. It is so worth the effort in the end. Asking the question “What would love do?” before making a decision helps point us in the right direction. That is the question God presents in Conversations with God . Then remember that love is kind. Love does not judge or control. Love has no need to be right. Love is all giving and forgiving. Love does not criticize. Love is not jealous. Love feels good.

Awareness of thought is the initial step.  We are creating our world constantly, with awareness or without. If you plant crab apples you can’t expect to harvest golden delicious. That’s all I’m saying.  Once past the negatives in life, the experience of joy flows. It is possible for everyone. Only you can determine if you are willing to look inside yourself and do the work necessary to get to your joy, or as I call it, getting to the positive side of pain. All I know is that putting in the effort to go within myself, is the best thing I have ever done.

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